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We take those who are either brand new online or struggling in their current online business and show them how to leverage Social Media in the right way to make a big impact!

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Here’s a story for you.. It might relate…

I wake up dreading going to work, dreading having to work towards someone elses dreams. I dread going to a job that I don’t like.

I only have 2 weeks of vacation available to me each year, and even then I can’t take the time off when I want.

I see no relief in sight, all I see is the same route until I retire.

We get it, we have been there, along with 100’s of our students.

Now imagine this….

Creating a business based around Social Media that will give you the potential to do the things you love every day

Cue the Social Bootcamp.

We’ve created the Social Bootcamp to give you step by step guidance on utilizing the ever growing Social Media platforms to create your very own online business.

Think Social Media Manager, Affiliate Marketer, Blogger, Vlogger, Advertising Expert, Speaker, Social Strategist.

Those terms are about to become very familiar to you if you don’t know them already.

Whether you have a product already or not, it doesn’t matter, we help you find companies and products to partner with, or even create or source your own products to utilise in your Social Media business.

WATCH BELOW: Learn How The Power Of Influence Can Transform Your Social Media!

Meet Justin & Phil,

They are the crazy ones who decided to ditch their jobs 4 years ago and start working on this thing called Social Media.

Phil decided that wasting his days working on a construction site, reporting to someone else day in and day out just wasn’t for him.

Justin on the other hand, already had a brick and mortar business. But this traditional route wasn’t quite giving him the fulfilment he desired, he was still tied to one place. And so, he too decided something needed to change.

So they decided to follow their dreams of travelling the world and earning an income from their laptops. Neither had experience in this field, but both had a strong desire!


Fast forward four years… They have achieved way more than either ever imagined was possible.

Both Phil and Justin have had the opportunity to travel the world non-stop over the past few years. They’ve seen and done things most people only dream about. But the most rewarding experience has been teaching thousands of people who wanted to quit the 9-5 how to achieve the same result.

Now, travelling is still pretty much a part of Phil’s DNA as he continues to live in Bali, Indonesia. Whereas Justin has decided to change direction and is now a full-time stay at home dad in Melbourne, Australia.

But while it may seem that they’re worlds apart, they remain connected by a deeper passion. Their determination to help others achieve financial freedom.

What Is The Social Bootcamp?

The Social Bootcamp is going to give you the absolute fastest way creating a successful business. The Social Bootcamp combines two of our best courses and combines them to make the ultimate package for success!

Our step by step Social Bootcamp will give you the exact strategies we have used to build successful businesses. We have leveraged Affiliate Marketing to build successful careers and now it’s time to show you how we did it, and how you can too.

You will also learn how Social Media is your number one asset when trying to get started online.

The Summit Bootcamp

(Usually $197)

The Summit Bootcamp

We understand that doing something new and foreign can be both overwhelming and confusing. So each step is customized to ensure you are feeling comfortable with what you are learning. We have made each part of our training bite sized but choc full of actionable information. Meaning you aren’t sitting behind your computer for hours upon hours.

What to expect!

  • Step by step training series on building a profitable business using irresistible offers.
  • Learn how we have taught thousands of students how to leverage the Value Affiliate Marketing System (VAM).
  • Learn how you can utilise systems and turn a very small commission into thousands of dollars commissions by leveraging systems and automation.
  • You will walk away with a definitive game plan to move forward with what we call your “accidental” Social Media Business..

The Social Media Blueprint

(Usually $197)

The Social Media Blueprint

Now that you are starting to understand the fundamentals of building an online business, it’s time to take you behind our computer screens and help you start implementing some key strategies that will take your social media game from just fun to a functional business.

What To Expect!

  • 7 day training series on getting your Social Media ready to make money.
  • Day 1: Planning and mapping out your Social Presence.
  • Day 2: Creating your Social Media Platforms & Creating Channel Art.
  • Day 3: Finding high converting Affiliate Offers using our secret weapon (RE).
  • Day 4: Utilising link features to maximise your potential for earning across Social Media.
  • Day 5: Learning what to exactly post and write across Social Media. You learn from the experts who have been doing this for years.
  • Day 6: Discover what type of online career is going to be perfect for you.
  • Day 7: Shortcutting your success timeframe

The Support System

(Usually $97 per month)

The Support System (We usually charge $97 per month for ongoing support)

Ever heard of the saying.. Your network is your networth?

Successful people always hang out with other successful or likeminded people. They don’t hang out with that high school friend who has no drive in life, do they?

Welcome to your very own support system and your very own network. You are about to be surrounded by people who are driven to change their life for the better.

What To Expect!

  • Weekly training calls
  • Daily motivation from those who have been in your shoes before
  • The chance to connect with others at the same level as you
  • The chance to meet accountability partners and make lifelong friends in the process.
  • The ability to attend live events at amazing locations all around the world to learn off experts on Social Media and business
  • Access to our exclusive private Facebook Group
  • Ability to get your questions answered 24 hours a day by our staff, owners and contributors

Need a little bit more of a pep talk before you get started? No problem.. Here you go!

I’m new and just getting started, will this work for me?

Absolutely. This bootcamp was created especially with beginners in mind. We break things down in a very easy to follow manner and encourage you to learn and implement as you go. Many of our students are beginners and are already getting results just by following this exact training. Simply follow your daily videos, take action, get involved with the team, and you can have great success just like the others.

I tried other programs before and they didn’t seem to work, how is this different?

We hate to say it but most of the training you see online just doesn’t cut it. We know, because we’ve spent thousands of dollars going through it all, only to come out with little pieces of the puzzle every time. Here at Summit Affiliate our whole aim is to stand out from the crowd, we are different because we don’t hold back and we always over deliver. We are your one stop shop for success online. And we don’t want to brag, but even all the top marketers are telling us they’ve never seen anything like this before. You just have to look at all the student success stories (and there’s more coming out each day), to see Summit Affiliate is truly better than any other course online.

Is there a money-back guarantee? 

Absolutely! If this isn’t working out for you, just let us know!

Regularly Over $500 for this bundle


Today Only… $7

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